Who and why built the pyramids?

In different parts of our planet are scattered with stunning consciousness of the simple inhabitant monuments of bygone civilizations, the pyramids and other megalithic structures. On Earth literally hundreds of megaliths and pyramids of various sizes and styles (See the article William sailor “Gods architects” ) – in Europe ( Bosnia), Africa, the middle East and the far East, in South-East Asia ( China) and the Islands of the Pacific, North and South America ( Mexico), and even on the sea floor in Antarctica

The official version about the authors and methods of construction of such structures cannot withstand the slightest criticism and crumbles to dust under an unbiased review of the accumulated facts. Despite this, modern “scientists” zealously support the fiction of their predecessors. Why support? Some of them do not know the true history of civilization and sincerely mistaken, someone is afraid of losing their regalia and authority, and someone fills the order on falsification of history.

Among most followers of alternative history, trying to deal with in the title of this article questions, unity is also not observable but only the desire to get interested in the true story of people far away from reality. But to justify their theories poluprovodnik they have to show people a small portion of the true facts. This is what we use.

Let’s take a look at the most famous megaliths: the pyramid and other constructions of ancient Egypt. Before their eyes focus on the megaliths of one country, note that the megaliths in various parts of the world have very similar “style” of construction technology. Of the relationship between the highly developed civilizations on different continents can be measured by the use of polygonal masonry of blocks of complex shape (of course, I used simpler rectangular blocks).

Compare for yourself, made in Sacsayhuaman (Peru), Cuzco (Peru), Abydos (Egypt), temple of Apollo in Delphi (Greece). The close connection of different cultures, we can conclude, if you look at monolith carved with a stylized human head at the foot of the pyramids of the Incas , and a similar head at the pyramid on the ocean floor ! The same continuity in the stylized stone shapes observed in Mayan .

How built the megaliths

The question of how built the megaliths, will help to answer the traces left by stone tools on treated blocks and blocks itself in terms of shape, structure and chemical composition.

Traces of tools . Traces of many. Moreover, such traces can’t be left with a copper tool. Traces on the blocks survived more than 10…12 thousand years and has not faded under the influence of rainfall, winds and temperature changes, and this suggests that the blocks were either of very hard stone, from high-performance concrete (as will be discussed below). On website e Laboratory of alternative history plenty of high quality photos grafi, looking at which you can draw interesting conclusions not only about how to build, but also about who built the ancient, monumental objects.

Look at, it was drilled with a cutting edge 1.5-2 mm! Can leave a trail of copper drill? No, it can’t! Copper drill bit to drill stone! And to produce a tubular drill of copper or bronze it was futile… Napechatan propyl, performed with a disk saw (not copper, of course). This treatment of the stone is possible only by tools made of carbide steels, the presence of which the builders attests to the absurdity of the views of modern scholars about the low level of development of a terrestrial civilization in the past and its very limited technical capabilities.

The characteristics of the equipment used in the construction of megaliths, amaze experts even today. In Aswan preserved quarry, which was mined grey granite. There were adorablely block weighing about 1200 tons If you pay attention to the side effects from the chopping block, it immediately becomes apparent the high level of technical capabilities of the developers of the quarry. In the manufacture of the block wall surface the quarries (not the unit. ) very smooth, corner of quarry processed with a constant height with the radius of curvature, and the height of the quarry wall about 5-6 meters.

Specially to align the walls of the quarry, no one would have been, it is completely unnecessary! In addition, the bottom of the quarries penetrate numerous holes of unknown purpose. Perhaps the holes are for the installation of equipment or just the car crashed into the granite more the required depth by mistake of serving her man. These side effects from work in the quarry could appear only when using high-tech machines that can easily cope with solid grey granite.

For more technical capacity to the builders of megaliths indicates the sequence of operations during the construction of the pyramids. On one of the faces of the pyramid of menkaura traces of the alignment faces after blocks . Leveling large areas is a difficult technical task. If the pyramid were built using primitive manual technique, that sequence of operations would be the reverse: first production units in final form, and then stacking them.

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