What hides behind the pyramid

What hides behind the pyramid.

The pyramid of Cheops in Egypt is perhaps one of the most mysterious structures in the world. Who, when and why built this wonder of the world? The official version put forward by the Egyptologists, is full of contradictions and questions and not received answers. The French writer and Explorer Jacques Grimaud along with Director Patrice Pujara made the film “Revelations of the pyramids”, which revealed the General public some little-known facts related to this ancient tomb.

Do not wait for tape sensational statements in the style of “the Great pyramid was built by aliens”. On the contrary, the authors focused solely on the facts and adhered to a strictly scientific approach. The building, which is over 4 thousand years, still holds many mysteries. You can start with the fact that the exact start of construction is still unknown. Although in Egypt the official date of “birth” of the pyramid is considered to be August 23, 2560 BC, radiocarbon analysis and boulders present in the pyramid objects gives quite different dates: from to 2680 2850 BC

Also we do not know neither the exact time of birth of the Pharaoh Cheops, or the terms of his rule. The official version says that the second Pharaoh of the fourth dynasty rules 23 (at 2589 2566 BC or at 2551 2528 BCE). The filmmakers cite the following calculation. They suggested that the masons and builders worked 12 hours a day. In the pyramid of 2 million blocks with an average weight of 2.5 tons. a year is 365 days. It turns out that the extraction, processing and delivery of each stone block from the quarry to the construction site had to go just 2-3 minutes, which is very improbable.

Collecting information for your research, visited Grimaud and many other places, where there are extraordinary buildings, to rationally explain the existence of which the official science can not. The abandoned city of Teotihuacan in Mexico, the moai on Easter island, the mounds in the Chinese province of Shaanxi steel steps on his way to solving the mystery of the great pyramid of Giza. They have made it possible to find incredible and even terrifying the relationship between places and buildings that are separated by thousands of miles and hundreds of years. Patrice of Pojar met with experts in various fields: Egyptologists, architects, engineers, historians, and even physicists – and listened to their opinions about what constitutes the pyramid of Cheops, and how she could persist for such a long time and experienced many destructive earthquakes.

But perhaps the most amazing moment in the film – it figures. “You’ll be stunned by the amount of information encoded in the dimensions of a single object,” says Pojar, and it’s true. Here PI and the Golden ratio, and the speed of revolution of the Earth around its axis, and even the speed of light. Don’t believe? See for yourself.

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