Famous Gothic buildings

This Church was built for Maria Feodorovna, who recently moved from Denmark and buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral. She was a Protestant, so for her to built a building of an Orthodox temple in the style that she was familiar from childhood. It was visited only by the Royal family. Upon returning to our country, the body of the Empress was transported first to this Church, where it was the day, and then transferred to the Peter and Paul fortress. Service today, there are infrequently, about four times a year. Rest of the time, the temple serves as a Museum.

The Lutheran Church of St. Michael

The Evangelical Lutheran St. Michael’s Cathedral is a Church in St. Petersburg. who knows the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria. It is located on Middle Avenue Vasilevsky island, where during the reign of Tsar Peter I settled the Germans that came to his service. In this place was going to make the center of St. Petersburg.

In 1731 there was a cadet corps, and in one of the areas it has established a separate community for the children of Lutherans. Three years later it was consecrated Continue reading

The Gothic quarter in Barcelona

Tour in Gothic quarter

Barcelona is considered one of the most popular cities in Spain, as evidenced by the statistics of visiting the city tourists. They all come to this famous city to see the most original and popular attractions, including the Gothic quarter in Barcelona. The uniqueness of this quarter is that in it are all the most popular city attractions. In particular, this is where you can see ancient monuments, which were erected on the ruins of ancient Roman buildings. The Gothic quarter was named in honor of the fact that most buildings are made here in this same architectural style. A visit to this famous quarter you are likely to remember for a very long time. The thing is that you can step back a few centuries ago and feel the spirit of the city.

Of course, it is necessary to say a few words about the most famous monuments, which are located in the area of the city. For example, in the Gothic quarter you can see the majestic buildings of Barcelona — the Cathedral and the city hall and the government. In the historical centre of the quarter is the famous area of the King. It is known primarily from the fact that here was held the meeting between the seafarer and traveler Christopher Columbus after his most famous expedition to the shores of America. In addition, this quarter is Continue reading

Attractions Palma de Mallorca

Attractions Palma de Mallorca

The Cathedral is an unrivalled specimen of the Gothic of the middle Ages Mediterranean countries. Over its design worked over 300 years many generations of the best sculptors and architects in Spain – the erection of the temple started in the 13th century (1230-ohms). Reconstruction of the building was carried out almost to the middle of the 19th century.

Castle of Bellver is the only circular Gothic structure. Stands on a high hill with a magnificent view of the Bay and the city. Over the years he has been a prison, a home for royalty, the Museum. Now it contains archaeological artifacts and medieval furniture and paintings. Has several towers arranged them on observation decks for views.

The Palace of the Almudaina is one of the oldest buildings-residences of the kings of Majorca, which during the reign of the Moors was converted into the Alcazar (Arab fortress). At this time, the Palace is a summer resort for the Royal family of Spain. However, he is not closed to unauthorized access as and Museum, so there are public tours. The time of the erection of the Palace – 13th century.

Building Sa Loja – example of Gothic architecture. Previously, it housed the administration of the local Merchant Association and conducted trade deals (there were stock exchange). But now this curious exhibition Continue reading

Megalithic structures
The technique of obtaining information when you are in the area of megalithic structures Article taken from correspondence in usenet news groups.magic with permission from the author. With best You.…

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Megalithic monuments
Megalithic monuments In the early agriculture of some of the peoples of Palestine were building megalithic tombs. This common type of tomb is a few stones of great size, set…

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The Gothic quarter
On tour bus red route - stop Barri Gotic In the heart of Barcelona lies one of the oldest quarters of the city – its heart, its history, its past…

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