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What where and when the megaliths were created?

Megaliths (from the Greek. μέγας — large, λίθος — stone) — prehistoric structures of large stone blocks, joined without cement or mortar. In the limiting case that one module (the menhir).

Early megalithic structures of Asia Minor.

Large ceremonial structures IX Millennium BC have been discovered in Asia Minor. They belong to the era of the emergence of agriculture and animal husbandry in the society, under the influence of or directly from it happened later middle Eastern and European Neolithic. Structures are a large circle patterns, based on megalithic columns (3 m or more) of solid hewn stone. The most ancient of nowadays known are the temples of Göbekli Tepe and Nevali-Chori. In the Göbekli Tepe thus far excavated only four churches out of about two dozen. The diameter reaches some 30 m. On the columns there are bas-relief images of animals (foxes, boars, lions, birds, snakes and Scorpions)[7]. Although these temples are the oldest megalithic structures on Earth, it is unknown how they are related to European megaliths.

European megaliths.

Megaliths are prevalent worldwide mainly in coastal areas. In Europe they mostly date back to the Eneolithic and bronze age (3rd — 2nd Millennium BC), with the exception of British Continue reading

The oldest buildings in the world

The oldest buildings in the world

How old is the architecture? Experts are sure that the first buildings appeared on Earth long before the onset of ad. With ancient buildings sometimes look just amazing. Even the question arises – who really built the ancient buildings, fragments of which have survived to the present day.

Djosser pyramid at Saqqara is recognized as the oldest building on the planet. Built the construction from the Egyptians, and even it is known that the ancient architect called Imhotep. The pyramid was built around the year 2650 BC. This is the first such facility, other Egyptian pyramids came much later. The construction height is 62 meters, and the base size 121*109 meters.

Djosser pyramid at Saqqara

In Europe is the most ancient settlement of Skara Brae . It’s an amazing monument, which is located on the Islands of Scotland. The settlement is very well preserved, and allowed the scientists to learn details of life of ancient people. Here are 10 homes that were built approximately in 2500, the year BC. Ancient dwellings struck by its equipped. The researchers argue that there were covered walkways, heating, bathrooms and water.

settlement Skara Brae, Scotland

Stonehenge in England is not only Continue reading

Conservatory named after Sobinov

Temple of art in the southern Gothic style

One of the main architectural pride of Saratov. The ancient Gothic castle – is quite understandable in the environment of the capital of the Volga-Germans. However, the Gothic building of this great University is much younger than the style in which it is performed, which, however, does not reduce neither its beauty nor grandeur.

Saratov Imperial Russian musical society, Moscow Conservatory began its official existence in 1912 is named in honor of crown Prince Alexei, the third Conservatory in Russia. It will not only third, but also one of the strongest in the country. In 1918, the Conservatory was nationalized, will be called “state”, and in 1935 was given the name of a famous singer Leonid Sobinov, the largest representative of classical Russian vocal school, performing in these walls.

This building was built ten years before formation of the Conservatoire in 1902 (architect A. Y. Ahn). First, there was the music school. In fact, the school of music and was not abolished: after all, this level of education before Conservatory – to the previous one, as without it? The school remained in place, and is still renowned as the leading musical talents. But the same building 1912 before the opening of the Conservatory survived the reconstruction (architect Continue reading

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