The mysterious pyramid on the seabed

The mysterious pyramid on the seabed

Underwater archaeologists are faced with another mystery, found on the bottom of the lake Pusan (South-Western province of Yunnan), an ancient pyramid. The height of the pyramid is 19 meters, the length of its base — 90 feet. Enigmatic structure built of stone slabs and consists of five steps. The top two level of the pyramid, made of Sandstone, are destroyed. And other ledges, constructed limestone, firmer breed is well preserved. Interestingly, at the bottom of the lake Pusan has, at least, nine objects of such size, and the number of medium and small plants of another species has thirty.

As suggested by the head of the archaeological center at the University Whether Kunsheng, the object is the creation of an ancient civilization. The area of the architectural complex is about 2.5 square kilometers. From the bottom of the lake archeologists have lifted a clay vessel, which, Continue reading

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

The Cathedral of Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Paris, Notre-Dame de Paris)

The Cathedral of Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Paris, Notre-Dame de Paris)— the geographical and spiritual “heart” of Paris, located in the Eastern part of île de La Cité, in place of the first Christian Church in Paris — St. Stephen’s Basilica, built, in turn, the site of the Gallo-Roman temple of Jupiter.

In the world there are many magnificent cathedrals, but not all of them are known as Notre-Dame de Paris. This is one of the acknowledged masterpieces of architecture, a monument of history and culture.


Like a ship Ile de La Cité was repeatedly conquered by the Romans, he was struck by the hordes of Huns and other foreigners, but despite the adversity he continued sailing through the centuries of history “and in the calm and in the storm”. No wonder the coat of arms of Paris is a ship sailing on waves, with the motto: “It shakes, but does not sink”.

Many visitors of Paris start their acquaintance with him from the Ile de La Cité. Because here is the ancestor of the ancient churches of France — famous Notre Dame Cathedral, which is the pride of the country, praised by poets and writers, captured in the paintings of famous artists

Here it is – Cape “ship” under the name “the Island of Continue reading

The most mysterious places on the planet

The most mysterious places on the planet that cause silent horror and interest at the same time.

In present world, everything is accelerating: if some cities are growing with cosmic speed, others are quickly abandoned. Ruin, lack of development or man-made disasters force people to leave their homes. The once flourishing city come into disrepair and become overgrown terrifying rumors, attracting only the most desperate tourists. The combination of mystery and danger arouses interest and against the will attract attention, and the view of nature that quietly captures created by people, returns us to an understanding of his own insignificance in the face of time.

This incredible city year 1341, Sichan or “Lion City”, flooded during the construction of the HPP. The city went under water, and around there was one of the most picturesque artificial lakes with 1078 Islands.

Abandoned military hospital in the city of Beelitz, Germany

The town is located 40 kilometers from the capital of Germany. During the First and Second world war the hospital was used by the military, and in 1916 it was treated Adolf Hitler. After WWII the hospital was in the Soviet zone of occupation and became the largest hospital outside the Soviet Union. In 1995 Continue reading

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