Attractions Palma de Mallorca

Attractions Palma de Mallorca

The Cathedral is an unrivalled specimen of the Gothic of the middle Ages Mediterranean countries. Over its design worked over 300 years many generations of the best sculptors and architects in Spain – the erection of the temple started in the 13th century (1230-ohms). Reconstruction of the building was carried out almost to the middle of the 19th century.

Castle of Bellver is the only circular Gothic structure. Stands on a high hill with a magnificent view of the Bay and the city. Over the years he has been a prison, a home for royalty, the Museum. Now it contains archaeological artifacts and medieval furniture and paintings. Has several towers arranged them on observation decks for views.

The Palace of the Almudaina is one of the oldest buildings-residences of the kings of Majorca, which during the reign of the Moors was converted into the Alcazar (Arab fortress). At this time, the Palace is a summer resort for the Royal family of Spain. However, he is not closed to unauthorized access as and Museum, so there are public tours. The time of the erection of the Palace – 13th century.

Building Sa Loja – example of Gothic architecture. Previously, it housed the administration of the local Merchant Association and conducted trade deals (there were stock exchange). But now this curious exhibition Continue reading

Mitla – not built by Indians

Mitla – not built by Indians.

Mitla- (or rather Mictlan = city of the dead) — is famous for its ancient ruins of a village in Mexico, in Oaxaca, the site of the ancient Aztec city Joó-PAA, which preserved the remains of 4 major palaces and two temple pyramids.

The blocks overlap are striking not so much for its size as very smooth edges in those places where damage and erosion was not too strong. Obtaining such quality without cutting impossible.

Option 1. The complex is built entirely by the Indians. Then it is necessary to recognize that the Indians of Mesoamerica were familiar with this technique as sawing. Moreover, they had to have a strong enough saw to work albeit with a fairly mild, but still stone (natural stone). But then we have to explain two facts. Why the arrival of the Spaniards the Indians somehow was already completely unfamiliar with the saws. And why so far not revealed any saw among the enormous number of archaeological finds pertaining to the pre-Colombian era, as not detected and no image with the sawing?!

Option 2. The Indians built their structures on the foundations of ancient buildings is a completely different civilization, which possessed the technology of cutting. They also used the blocks from the ancient Continue reading

Megalithic structures

The technique of obtaining information

when you are in the area of megalithic structures

Article taken from correspondence in usenet news groups.magic with permission from the author.

With best You.

RB> was on the Dolmens near Gelendzhik,have heard that you can get the RB> information and a lot more interesting,maybe someone will clarify the situation.

I mean, the situation. With obtaining information or with the technique of obtaining it while in the area of megalithic structures.

Will start with the second question, zavismosti the design of such facilities and as a consequence – their original purpose, in data areas can receive different information or (more often) it was possible to obtain this information until the moment when these soorujeniya different ways were damaged or destroyed, in other words – put out of action, as if it was about some of the modern devices.

As an example, consider the most trivial option – an annular design type Stonhedge in the UK, since this “device” in function universality, due to its precise astronomical reference (at the time, as a significant number of other structures of the megalithic period had a different purpose). Continue reading

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