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Megalithic megalomania

In Mountain Shoria, thoroughly mastered miners, loggers, geologists, hunters and fishermen, tourists and long ago living here by Shors, find some cyclopean structures, similar to artificial.

Modern people who have mastered computers, and orientation in space by satellites, you still want fairy tales. And so they found in their backyard — not far from the ski resort Sheregesh. And the circles went all along the great Rus…

Little earlier found the Yeti. Willing to believe in him, albeit with a grin in the soul. I enjoyed reading sent via iPhone message Siberians. Approved as good publicity — why the Loch ness monster, but we can’t?

But with a new finding of confusion, because it’s not quite Mountain Shoria, and much more. In the newspaper “Kuzbas” it is written that “megalithic structures” within a radius of 100 kilometers away from Mezhdurechensk. Where exactly, is not specified. It can be podnebesnye zubja, and the spurs of the Kuznetsk Alatau with numerous outcrops, and Mountain Shoria in full, from Tom to Condoms.

About outcrops. On any topographic map, outcrops of solid rock protruding from the elderly of our mountains, certainly marked. At us in Kuzbas Continue reading

The Gothic style is barbarism or high art?

The Gothic style is barbarism or high art?


The author of the article – our copywriter is a professional architect.

Gothic style (XI-XIII century) – the pinnacle of European medieval art, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for later artists to create eclectic and modern. According to legend, the great Renaissance artist Raphael is called the Gothic “barbarism” far from a harmonious system of Roman and Greek orders, forms the basis of Renaissance culture. However, even strict adherents of classics are unlikely to remain indifferent, watching the incredible beauty and grandeur of the monuments of Gothic architecture in the first place, of course, churches in the Gothic style .

Let’s start with the fact that the architects of the Gothic was made a real breakthrough in the field of load-bearing structures. Gothic cathedrals and now, in the era of skyscrapers hit its height and length. To save a single huge interior space of churches took a completely different from all earlier existing system of overlappings. And it was invented!

First, by means of the bearing arches have facilitated earlier, the former direct of the arch and the supporting columns was greatly extended in length. Then replaced the round arches Lancet – famous Gothic ribs, able to withstand heavy loads and even become to cover a very wide area of the Central nave. And to balance the force Continue reading

Underground Sevastopol

Underground Sevastopol

Sevastopol – Landscape monuments, Cave city, Cave

Sevastopol is situated on the territory of two ancient cities which are more than two and a half thousand years (Chersonesos, Balaklava).

Numerous caves, formed naturally, thousands of years used by ancient people. They probably found shelter by ancient people, and later the Cimmerians and the Tauri. The first known man-made structures beneath the earth became cave monasteries VII — IX centuries of our era.

From 1783 the construction of the city. Built buildings, docks, berths, roads and underground constructions simultaneously. The Navy needed secure warehouses and a powder magazine. Caves in the rocky banks of the Sevastopol bays was a perfect fit for use, they were deepened and widened, turning them into secure storage naval assets and ammunition.

The Crimean war 1853-1856 gg confirmed the need for underground structures. They were not only warehouses of food and ammunition, but also the perfect refuge for the population and personnel of the troops. By this time, the size of the dungeon exceeded twenty-five thousand square meters. In addition, both the warring sides was carried out so-called mine war. Opponents tried to lay the underground tunnels under fortifications Continue reading

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