France will make your vacation great at any time of the year. But especially the colorful French city becomes on Christmas eve.

Going on vacation in winter, it is very important to develop an optimal travel route.

If you are not a fan of winter sports and don’t want a whole week of basking under the tropical sun, it is best to go to one of the European countries, such as France.

France will make your vacation great at any time of the year. But especially the colorful French city becomes on Christmas eve.

In France a huge number of churches, perhaps the most interesting of them are the cathedrals: Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, the Strasbourg Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church in nice.

Artsci Cathedral, one of the first Gothic cathedrals of France, located just one hour drive from Paris. The first mentions of it date back to the 12th century. In the 13th century in the Cathedral had a major fire, resulting in most of the building burnt down, and this monument was completely rebuilt from scratch in the Gothic style. However, out of the fire managed to save one of the main shrines – “the tunic of the virgin Mary”, which since then is stored in the Cathedral Treasury.

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The Gothic quarter in Barcelona

Tour in Gothic quarter

Barcelona is considered one of the most popular cities in Spain, as evidenced by the statistics of visiting the city tourists. They all come to this famous city to see the most original and popular attractions, including the Gothic quarter in Barcelona. The uniqueness of this quarter is that in it are all the most popular city attractions. In particular, this is where you can see ancient monuments, which were erected on the ruins of ancient Roman buildings. The Gothic quarter was named in honor of the fact that most buildings are made here in this same architectural style. A visit to this famous quarter you are likely to remember for a very long time. The thing is that you can step back a few centuries ago and feel the spirit of the city.

Of course, it is necessary to say a few words about the most famous monuments, which are located in the area of the city. For example, in the Gothic quarter you can see the majestic buildings of Barcelona — the Cathedral and the city hall and the government. In the historical centre of the quarter is the famous area of the King. It is known primarily from the fact that here was held the meeting between the seafarer and traveler Christopher Columbus after his most famous expedition to the shores of America. In addition, this quarter is Continue reading

Mitla – not built by Indians

Mitla – not built by Indians.

Mitla- (or rather Mictlan = city of the dead) — is famous for its ancient ruins of a village in Mexico, in Oaxaca, the site of the ancient Aztec city Joó-PAA, which preserved the remains of 4 major palaces and two temple pyramids.

The blocks overlap are striking not so much for its size as very smooth edges in those places where damage and erosion was not too strong. Obtaining such quality without cutting impossible.

Option 1. The complex is built entirely by the Indians. Then it is necessary to recognize that the Indians of Mesoamerica were familiar with this technique as sawing. Moreover, they had to have a strong enough saw to work albeit with a fairly mild, but still stone (natural stone). But then we have to explain two facts. Why the arrival of the Spaniards the Indians somehow was already completely unfamiliar with the saws. And why so far not revealed any saw among the enormous number of archaeological finds pertaining to the pre-Colombian era, as not detected and no image with the sawing?!

Option 2. The Indians built their structures on the foundations of ancient buildings is a completely different civilization, which possessed the technology of cutting. They also used the blocks from the ancient Continue reading

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