The project of an Orthodox Church in Paris

An Orthodox Church. How many seats, how many embodies this image! History, architecture, interior decoration, Church singing, bell ringing. The Church is inseparable from Russian land. All Russian artists, painters, anyway, were dedicated to the temples, churches, small churches, chapels of their works.

Of particular importance are the Russian Orthodox churches outside of our Fatherland. How the home is perceived Russian Church, wherever he was – in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia.

It is encouraging that the construction of new Orthodox churches continues as the Russian state and beyond. Sometimes such construction is truly the Providence of God, and a miracle happens before our eyes. For example, the construction of the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Catherine with the chapel of Constantine and Helen in Rome, the centre and the stronghold of Catholicism, the construction of the Church in the name of the Holy Trinity in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea – the last hotbed of socialism. Not so long ago, was built and consecrated a Church in the capital of Cuba. Construction of new Orthodox churches and in many other countries.

More than a year ago there was held a competition of projects of the Russian Church in Paris. Paris has its glorious and long history. The centre is replete with monuments, many of which are masterpieces.

In the nineteenth century in Paris was built by the Russian Church in the name of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky. The Church produces several strange impression. Tent completion, consisting of four small domes crowning the bell tower, the Central tent over a light drum set in a rather modestly decorated base, made rather in the style of Romanesque or Gothic. The impression that the builders erected the Church building to the heads and the roof, suddenly remembered that the temple is supposed to be Russian, and continued the construction of the chapters, already using motifs of Russian architecture of the XVII century, the Church crowned with tents.

The Church of Alexander Nevsky is located on the Rue Daru in depth and fails to red line. The Church’s exterior looks dilapidated, somewhat scruffy and dirty. Inside the picture is even sadder. The room is dark, the paintings are hard to read. Dirt, soot. Also, the overall minor impression enhanced by the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church, built by parishioners, the subjects of the Russian Crown, with the Highest participation, now belongs to some of the Istanbul Bishop.

I mean the mixing of styles, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral with its architecture should be adopted in line with the time preferences, and, nevertheless, differs from the Church of the sacred Heart, located in Montmartre in Paris.

Russian temple architecture always meet the contemporary artistic styles. So, in Russia at present the temples of the Romanesque, the Gothic, the so-called pre-Mongol period, after the weakening of the Tatar yoke of the Gothic trends continue, before giving way to the Renaissance cathedrals of Ivan III and Vasily III. The architects of the Romanov dynasty, interpreting and creatively reworking the heritage of the Rurik dynasty, to create unique and amazing style of Russian ornament of the seventeenth century. Here these developments of the Moscow-Yaroslavl architecture and were perceived by the architects of the XIX century, who created a unique neo-Byzantine and neo-Russian style in Russian Church and secular architecture. In fact, the temples built in the second half of XIX – early XX centuries, and defined the shape of Russian churches, built outside the borders of the Russian Empire.

The October revolution in Russia for a long time interrupted the natural way of development of Russian Church architecture. The architects who worked before, had to be reconstructed in accordance with the tastes of the new owners of the new state. The resulting works of architecture or as curiosities not be called. Though recently, thanks to the efforts of former Moscow mayor, Stalinist architecture began to look like a little cold, favorably standing out against the background of building of the late 90s and early twenty – first century.

As for the temple architecture of the early XX century, Russian architects created their designs, taking inspiration from the then fashionable art Nouveau style. One of the outstanding works of the art Nouveau Church is the intercession Cathedral of the Martha and Mary convent in Moscow. Russian Church has brought the modern temple architecture is an amazing sense of beauty, refinement, harmony, and prayer upornosti penetration. These temples have preserved a sufficient amount of. Consequently, the use by architects of the modern directions of artistic style, wise creative recycling of established canons and forms of Church architecture, can bring good fruit, subject to the availability of the architect tact, measures are permissible and, of course, talent.

A large Russian cultural center in Paris decided to erect in the heart of the city, on the banks of the Seine, near the Eiffel tower, Champs de Mars, the building of the Royal military Academy, where among other military science learned the boy Napoleone Di Buonaparte.

That is, to be Russian spiritual culture in France is represented by a temple and a complex of buildings with different purposes. To admit, personally I was disappointed the project is complex, taking the first place and therefore declared the winner. The architect, Mr. Manuel Nunez-Yanovsky, was so fascinated by modernism, that all five chapters of the Cathedral will be like a pop out from the covers, piercing the last. In addition, in some publications about the author there is a statement that he is an atheist. So how does the atheist modernist build in Paris Orthodox Cathedral? Maybe haves the power to choose the projects will advise the winner to withdraw from pretknoveniya heads covered.

And, of course, it would be nice to build somewhere near the bell tower. What is Russian Orthodox Church, and even in the basis of cultural center, could be without a bell tower with a Russian raspberry ringing, servants to greater musical decoration capital city of the French Republic?

So far the only worthy representative, however, of the Russian Empire, is the stunning Pont Alexandre III. It would have been nice in the midst of the Russian complex to Mature our native kolokolenka called “Suzdal tune” that silhouette is so similar to the Eiffel tower!

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