The Myths Of Ancient Greece

The Myths Of Ancient Greece

A long time ago – so long ago that even the time then flew in the opposite direction, on the Balkan Peninsula lived the ancient Greeks, which left the peoples of the world a rich inheritance. It is not only the magnificent buildings, beautiful ancient wall paintings and marble statues, but also great works of literature, as well as, extant, ancient legends the myths of Ancient Greece . reflecting the view of the ancient Greeks about the world and, in General, all the processes occurring in nature and in society. In other words, their worldview and Outlook.

Battle of the gods (History Channel)

Greek mythology has evolved over several centuries, passing from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. We already got myths in the poetry of Hesiod and Homer . as well as in the works of the Greek dramatists Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and others. That’s why they had to collect from a variety of sources.

Mythography appeared in Greece around the 4th century BC these include the Sophist Gippy . and Herodotus of Heraclea . Heraclitus of Pontus, and many others. For example, Dionysius Zamoyski amounted genealogical table and studied the tragic myths.

In the heroic period of the centralization of mythological imagery around the myths associated with the legendary mount Olympus.

The myths of Ancient Greece to recreate the picture of the world in the view of its ancient inhabitants. So, according to Greek mythology, the world was inhabited by monsters and giants: the giants, one-eyed Cyclops (ciclope) and the mighty Titans – the fearsome children of Earth (Gaia) and Sky (Uranus). In these images the Greeks personified natural forces of nature that were conquered by Zeus (Dias) – thunder and Tuchegonitel . established order to the world and become the king of the Universe.

In the beginning existed only the eternal, infinite, dark Chaos, which was the source of life of the world: everything originated from Chaos – and the whole world and the immortal gods, and the goddess of Earth – Gaia, the sustainer of all that lives and grows on it; and the mighty power that sustains everything, Love – Eros.

Deep under the Earth born dark Tartarus – a terrible abyss of eternal darkness.

Creating a world of Chaos spawned the Eternal Darkness ereb and the dark Night – Nikto . And from Night and Darkness occurred eternal Light – the Air bright and joyful Day – Hemera (Imera). Light has spread around the world, and began to succeed each other night and day.

Mighty, gracious Gaia has given rise to a boundless blue Sky Uranium . which lies above the Earth, reign in all the world. Proudly went to his high Mountains, born from the Earth, and has spread widely always noisy Sea.

After Mother Earth had been the Sky, the Mountains and the Sea, Uranium took his wife’s fertile Gaia, with whom he raised six sons, the mighty, fearsome titans and six daughters. Son of Uranus and Gaia – the Titan of the Ocean . flowing like a river without banks, the entire earth, and the goddess Thetis gave rise to all of the river, which rolled its waves to the sea, and sea goddesses – oceanid. Titanium Hyperion and Theia gave the world the Sun – Helios . The moon – Selena and rosy Dawn – EOS roboparty. [1] From Astraea and EOS happened all the stars that burn in the night sky, and all the winds: the North wind Boreas ( Βορριάς ), East Hres ( Εύρος ) . southern Music ( Νοτιάς ) and West, a gentle wind Zephyr ( Ζέφυρος ) . heavy rain bearing clouds.

Besides the titans, the mighty Earth bore three giants – Cyclops with one eye in the forehead – and three pyatidesyatimetrovy storya giants the Hecatonchires, against which nothing could resist, because their natural strength knew no bounds.

Uranus hated his children-giants and imprisoned them in the bowels of the Earth, not allowing them to come to light. Mother Earth suffered from the fact that it weighed a terrible burden, enclosed in the depths of her bowels. Then she called her children, the titans, to persuade them to rebel against Uranus. But titans were afraid to raise a hand against father. Only the youngest of them, the wily Kronos . cunning overthrew Uranus by taking away his power.

To punish Cronus, the goddess Night gave birth to Tanat – death, Eris is strife, the JRC – deception, Coeur – destruction, of Hypnos – sleep with nightmarish visions, Nemesis – revenge for the crimes – and many other gods who made the world of Kronos, reigned on the throne of his father, terror, strife, deceit, struggle and unhappiness.

At the same Kronos did not have enough confidence in the strength and durability of his power: he was afraid that his children would rise against him, and he will suffer the same fate as his own father Uranus. In this regard, Kronos commanded his wife to bring him Rey born children, five of whom he mercilessly swallowed: Hestia . Demeter . Hera, Hades and Poseidon .

Ray, so I don’t lose the last of their child, the parents, Uranus the Sky and Gaia the Earth, withdrew to the island of Crete, where deep in the cave gave birth to her youngest son Zeus . Hiding in the cave of the newborn, Rhea gave Cronus a cruel the swallow instead of the son of a long stone wrapped in swaddling cloth. Kronos did not suspect that he was deceived by his wife, while Zeus grew up in Crete under the supervision of the nymphs Adrastea and Ideas, suckled the milk of the divine goat Amaltheia . The bees carried the honey to the little Zeus from the slopes of high mountains Dikti, and at the entrance to the cave of the curetes young was stabbed with swords on shields whenever little Zeus was crying, his crying inadvertently heard the all-powerful Kronos.

Titans come the Kingdom of Zeus, who defeated his father Cronus and became Supreme deity of the Olympic Pantheon, ruler of the heavenly powers commanding thunders, lightning, clouds and showers. Dominating the universe, Zeus gave the people the laws and preserve order.


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