The main attractions of Vienna

The main attractions of Vienna

Vienna – capital of Austria. a city with a long history and a global capital of music. Here lived and worked, from Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms and other great composers. In addition, Vienna attracts tourists for its rich architecture: the buildings in this city are used to illustrate the styles of different eras, starting with the Romanesque and early Gothic to contemporary postmodernism.

His acquaintance with Vienna it is best to start with a visit to the Stephen’s Square (Stephanplatz), on which stands St. Stephen’s Cathedral – a city landmark and a national symbol of Austria. Originally here stood the Basilica, which in the twelfth century and formed the Cathedral. In the middle of the thirteenth century, when Vienna was a fire that destroyed much of the city, including St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Soon construction work began, and by the beginning of XIV century there was built a magnificent Gothic building. The Cathedral was damaged in the war with the Turks in the XVII century and during the Second world war. In 1948 it was restored. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful and majestic Gothic buildings of Europe.

Among the many Vienna attractions should be highlighted Augustinian Church is another monument of Gothic architecture. It was built in the XIV century, in the heyday of the Baroque it was reconstructed in this style, but at the end of the XVIII century it was decided to restore the building’s Gothic features. Here is the tomb of Marie Christine daughter of Maria Theresa.

In Vienna a large number of temples and churches for you to explore during your holiday. Be sure to visit the Maltese Church of St. John the Baptist . built in the XV century. In the XVIII century the Church was rebuilt in Baroque style. The building was damaged during the First world war, at the end of XX century it was restored. One of the oldest buildings of Vienna Catholic Church Maria am Strand . on the territory of which in the ninth century there was a wooden Church. The construction of a modern building belongs to the fourteenth century – the heyday of Gothic architecture.

Another important attraction is the votive Church . built in the mid-nineteenth century in a stately neo-Gothic style. In Vienna is the Church of the Capuchin Church of the seventeenth century, in which there is a crypt, where were buried members of the Imperial family. The oldest Church of the capital – Ruprechtskirche . built in the XII century in Romanesque architectural style.

Another attraction that tends to see everyone who came to Vienna – the Belvedere castle . It is a beautiful monument of Rococo style of the eighteenth century. The Palace complex consists of two buildings, which now houses a Museum where You can admire the masterpieces of Austrian art, famous paintings Gustav Klimt (here is the largest collection of his works), the works of Egon Schiele, Oscar Kokoschka . as well as some representatives of French impressionism . The Museum displays a large collection of medieval art .

On the lower floors of the castle visitors can explore the living rooms of Prince Eugene, the founder of Belvedere. You can also stroll in the beautiful garden surrounding the Palace complex.

Another Palace, attracting the attention of tourists is the schönbrunn . built around XIV century. In the XVII century after the war with the Turks was carried out the restoration. For a long time the castle served as residence of the Austrian kings, in the early nineteenth century, these premises were occupied by Napoleon. Here is the hall of mirrors where Mozart played for the Empress of his musical masterpieces. The Palace and the surrounding Park are open to the public. Since 1996, schönbrunn is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO .

It is worth making an excursion to the Palace of Liechtenstein . produced which exhibits the works of European art. Interest is the Hofburg Palace . from the XIII century which was the winter residence of the Austrian rulers. Now it is the official residence of the President of Austria.

Special Attention deserves the Vienna state Opera . built in the style of eclecticism in the late nineteenth century. Here is a few operas and operettas. The building was damaged during the Second world war, and in 1955 it was restored and reopened.

In Vienna there is a lot of interesting museums . one of them is the House of Music . It is located in a building from the early nineteenth century, each of the composers who lived in Vienna devoted a separate room of the Museum. Here you will see the house of Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Strauss, Mahler . There are musical samples, including the manuscript of the unfinished “Requiem” by Mozart. In the Museum You can get acquainted with the history of music, to trace the evolution of sound from primitive noises to great art. In the late nineteenth century in Vienna was built the Museum of fine arts . which posted a large collection of the Habsburg dynasty: here the many works of art of antiquity, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, etc. special mention deserves the Museum quarter . opened in Vienna in 2001. It is located in the former Imperial stables, which for this purpose were restored. Here You can visit the Museum of modern art, the Museum of art history and Leopold Museum . which presents a large collection of paintings by contemporary artists.

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