The Gothic style is barbarism or high art?

The Gothic style is barbarism or high art?


The author of the article – our copywriter is a professional architect.

Gothic style (XI-XIII century) – the pinnacle of European medieval art, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for later artists to create eclectic and modern. According to legend, the great Renaissance artist Raphael is called the Gothic “barbarism” far from a harmonious system of Roman and Greek orders, forms the basis of Renaissance culture. However, even strict adherents of classics are unlikely to remain indifferent, watching the incredible beauty and grandeur of the monuments of Gothic architecture in the first place, of course, churches in the Gothic style .

Let’s start with the fact that the architects of the Gothic was made a real breakthrough in the field of load-bearing structures. Gothic cathedrals and now, in the era of skyscrapers hit its height and length. To save a single huge interior space of churches took a completely different from all earlier existing system of overlappings. And it was invented!

First, by means of the bearing arches have facilitated earlier, the former direct of the arch and the supporting columns was greatly extended in length. Then replaced the round arches Lancet – famous Gothic ribs, able to withstand heavy loads and even become to cover a very wide area of the Central nave. And to balance the force thrust and gravity, which arose in a new structural combination of arches and columns, and also to give it stability, the architects created a powerful outer system of buttresses and flying buttresses, still hits its brilliant logic and rationality.

However, those who do not have special engineering knowledge, temples in the Gothic style captivates primarily for its ornamental decoration. The walls in the traditional sense of the Gothic architecture there. Instead it is a complex, changeable open forms: galleries, towers, arches, flying buttresses with arches, gorgeous window openings unprecedented dimensions with stained glass Windows is truly a divine beauty. Most impressive are the round Windows to the enormity of the cover frame, which bears the poetic name of “Gothic rose”.

All the design elements of cathedrals decorated with sculptural carvings, massive structures that seem Lacy and weightless. In the galleries that emerged in place of formerly monolithic walls, are statues of saints, strikingly similar to the ordinary people who inhabited the medieval city. The sculptors of Gothic often depict a variety of everyday scenes, distinguished by a liveliness and verisimilitude.

Another subject of the decoration of churches in the Gothic style is flora and fauna. Moreover, there are two types of transmission: the exact following of natural samples and creating amazing fantasy images of dragons, chimeras . non-existent flowers and so on.

Ideas about the Gothic style . how about something dark and vast is fundamentally wrong. The cathedrals of that time spacious, filled with light and air, and thanks to multi-colour stained-glass Windows, the space in them is painted in all shades of the solar spectrum. Gothic architecture is an example of drama and expression, and its stone buildings for centuries captured the restless, temperamental and romantic spirit of the middle ages, no wonder it’s called “flamboyant Gothic” However, in the later samples of the temples in the Gothic style were clearly visible features of the nascent Renaissance with its more harmonious, cheerful and secular beginning.


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