Secrets of the ancient builders

Secrets of the ancient builders

This article I dedicate unknown unknown builders of the era, the genius of which belong to the most striking extant architectural monuments of Peru. It is possible that in those days, the architects themselves have brought their mind-blowing projects. Such an Association functions quite contributed to their construction techniques. Everything they have created, surrounded by mystery and gives rise to disputes. But we still try to solve their puzzles.

Palenque, one of the oldest Mayan cities in the Yucatan. IT occurs in legends, as the city of the White Gods

Man is created the Creator of Beauty

Cuzco is the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. Learn more about the Empire I will discuss in the third part of the material “Secrets of the Inca roads”. Now only base, why write both words with a capital letter. The first word, of course – the name of the state. “Inca” means the ruler, but not only. Inca – other. They differed from the people of this state even seemingly: according to Spanish Chronicles, the Incas were taller, wore a moustache and beard, had white skin and blue eyes. By the way, the same portrait of the White Gods in the legends, such as South and Central America. The Incas also classified as White Gods, so Inca is not only a ruler but also a God, and according to Latin American tradition, this word is usually written with a capital letter.

Fragment of the wall in the city of Uxmal, Mayan, Mexico. At about the same time, built that city-pictures in Peru. Wall of the building. A sample application of stamping and artificial material. We are going to talk about it further. Note steps. They are absolutely not embossed. Unfortunately, Cuzco was rebuilt by the Spaniards. therefore, as an example of architecture of the White gods, there are some other great ancient cities.

As for the Empire, and its capital, here too there is a lot of issues, especially with dates. In General, in Latin American history, especially the times before the Spanish conquest, with the dates – a lot of confusion.

I first saw Cuzco from the height of the mountain, when we are with our guide Javier went to see the city in its vicinity. That day we had intended to meet all of you. But before you watch other satellite towns of Cusco, Javier (our guide, whom we hired in one of the tour Desk Cusco), decided to show us the fortress Saksauaman. It was built for the defense of Cuzco. Today the satellite towns of Cusco we will not speak (about each of which I explain in detail in his book “adventures in South America. White Gods – legends, secrets, guesswork”).

One of the satellite cities of Cusco Tambomachay. A sample of masonry walls

Take, for research only the capital of the Empire, and investigate one mysterious feature of this city, and this feature, as it turns out, is a characteristic feature of each city in the surrounding area.

The ancient fortress, she stands on the mountain, like the nest of a huge bird. They say that Saksauaman translates as “Falcon’s nest”, but it seems to me that this is not a translation, and Association. The fortress really looks like a nest. Three rings of walls, as the edges of the nests of huge birds, surround the mountain and the core of it – the bottom, “lines”, a round structure at the top.

Teotihuacan. The picture was taken from the pyramid of the moon. On the left the pyramid of the Sun. On the sides of the Avenue of the Dead, so called Central part of the complex by archaeologists, probably because four of the site reminded them of the mausoleums. By the way, this site looks like Lenin’s mausoleum on red square in Moscow, isn’t it? Please note the hills in the distance. It is possible that this pyramid.

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