Mystic places of Nikolaev

Mystic places of Nikolaev

The city of Nikolaev – city of shipbuilders, the city of two rivers, the city is beautiful brides. So most of us say about his hometown. But not all of us smoothly, beautifully and simply. Our city although it has little story, but myths, legends and mysteries in Nikolaev is so much that is enough for any very old city.

Our city built on bones, hides within itself so many dark secrets, so many chilling stories that even the most brave boatbuilder, or even the sailor who ever visited us in the city, could not remain indifferent and not interested.

Thanks to the brave sailors who were not afraid to go to the city of Nikolaev, around the world and learned about the quirks and oddities of our city, its ghosts and scary stories. Of course it is possible that these stories told by sailors, and were slightly exaggerated, but they are called myths and legends to teach, to be remembered and influence the world view (especially intruders).

To this day in the city of Nikolaev mysticism and the unknown is where carousing. Even not all nikolayevets know, for whatever the ground they go and what is there not in this very land. And then there is a whole list of interesting: it includes all the treasures of the Turks, and deep unexplored catacombs, the Golden coach and the oldest abandoned hospital, laid Windows and all the long-forgotten cemeteries, old mills, and much more that has no less than the mystical meaning of his existence.

Starting to think about all of this, often I want to just go and forget or not, it is better not to know all this. In this case, you can lie quietly in your bed or just to sit in my dark room, not thinking about the anomalous and mystical places you live and, without even knowing it.

And every rustle, shriek, or noise not to respond and not to wince because you know nothing and you are not afraid… it’s just the walls are thin and you can hear walking and talking to neighbors, as they are watching TV or playing the computer.

But it never happens… Mystical history of Nikolaev is tightened, attract and want them studied, to be known. So having read at least one myth, at least one story about our city, which is directed in a mystical direction, you can not stop, and most importantly, will not be able to forget… So get ready and enjoy reading about some of the mystical places in our hometown!

Oil mill

Earlier in our city, in the very center, on the street Chkalov, sunflower seeds clicked not only in the company for the sake of entertainment. Seeds once used for conventional oil. And therefore Chkalov street had its own special flavor.

As You know, the mills long gone. But many inhabitants of Nikolaev argue that sometimes, in the misty and wet Nikolaev night, the smell from the mills is still very marked. And, suddenly it seems that you were back in the days when there was still oil mill and produced oil for nikolayevets. Such mysticism is happening in the centre of the city of Nikolaev.

Bricked up window

Not very many residents of the city of Nikolaev know that long before the war, long before the feat is now known “Olshanets”, nikolayevets, passing by the Eternal Flame, which is now located on Lenin Square, raised his hand and… was baptized!

Of course, in those days, no Eternal Fire there and could not be. But this place was something else. In the place where we often go down to the Waterfront (if you walk from Moskovskaya street) on the track, which these days are cobbled, and on both sides of ogrenen very high stone walls… Bearings? Now, if in this place You turn your head to the left, approximately in the area of our Eternal Fire, this is where You will notice a strange niche.

Now to see that it is very simple, but possible. But the old inhabitants of Nikolaev it was clearly visible and, moreover, are familiar with. Because in the old days there was the Icon of the Mother of God. And it was located there in order that all, headed to the ferry, could pray and ask for a happy and good journey. Thus the people were baptized before the Icon.

Nowadays, if you sit or stand near this, already walled up the window and wait a bit, watch the people passing by, You will notice how sometimes, people who pass by this window, stumbling. I wonder why? Maybe you should make the first move?

Ghost stop of the Nikolaev zoo

Perhaps, all nikolayevets know that the Best in Ukraine Nikolaev zoo is one of the old parts of the cemetery. But now a little not about that. I think, similarly, everyone knows that right in the territory of the zoo there is a one-stop, which for a long time already nobody uses. No, of course a no, but transport goes there – for example the carriages with horses or a small train, which zoo workers rolled the little visitors. But stop at the zoo there is.

So about the same stop and walk in our city ghostly legends. As if this stop is in a zoo it is no accident.

And like she’s working and even sometimes it stops near the transport – the old tram. But this boat is far from the conventional. And he carries no little visitors of the zoo…

This is a real tram-Ghost, which is designed to transport the dead, for the transportation of dead souls. And to see this tram can only be the case if You stay in Nikolaevsk a zoo until midnight. It was at this time a tram-the Ghost arrives to the abandoned stop, brings some dead souls and takes away other ghosts at other, unknown, places.

But the most important thing is not to sit in a bus for a living being! After all, who knows where it can take a streetcar, and will You be returning after this trip.

That’s such a mystically mysterious place is in our city Nikolaev

And believe me, it’s only a couple of stories. In fact, such places in our city very much and their story is very rich. We will tell You many interesting things, a lot of mystical and dreamlike, but a little later.

Of course, it is possible that many of these stories are based on rumors and stories. But you must agree, even rumors, and even more urban legends and myths do not arise simply because of the blue. So they have part of the truth, then they have every need and need.

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