Mysterious structures

Saiki S., Nemirovsky district

Southern bug region rich in mysterious constructions in the form of walls and ditches. They were used by our ancestors as a protective and defensive structures differed massive mounds and had a complex structure. They went from one nation to another, and served to protect from the enemy. Dates of establishment of these settlements is considered mysterious VII century BC.

Nemyriv Scythian settlement (Large Shaft) is one of the most famous monuments of the time. Date of creation scientists believe the ancient settlement of VII-VI century BC. The settlement is a powerful system that is located on an area of about 100 ha. the Height of the trees reaches 9 m and the length of the perimeter of nearly 5 km.

The river divides the World into two unequal parts, is a mighty construction. An interesting element of the settlement is zamczysko – located in the center of the square, surrounded by a shaft, the special inner strengthening.

For the first time this territory was inhabited in the third Millennium BC, Trypillian tribes. Herodotus in his writings mentioned the Scythians, which lived in this area in VII-VI century BC. Also there lived Slavic tribes of the catch in X-XI centuries.

In 1909-1910 on this site were conducted archaeological excavations at the initiative of S. Galchenko. Subsequently there were several archaeological expeditions and excavations of the ancient settlement: in the prewar years, excavations by G. Smirnov and post-war Yuzhno – Podolsk expedition of the Leningrad branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences under the leadership of Artamonova.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the main shaft of this design was built in the VII century BC. The archaeologists have found dugouts in which our ancestors lived. In dwellings were found pottery, iron, bronze, bone and horn. On zamchische was located another facility – the ashtray (he was probably connected with the tradition of the family hearth), and three Scythian burials.

Scientists have drawn a conclusion about the presence of trade relations with local tribes of the black sea Greek cities. This conclusion was made after findings in the territory of the settlement Nemirovsky ancient Greek ceramics.

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