Megalithic structures

The technique of obtaining information

when you are in the area of megalithic structures

Article taken from correspondence in usenet news groups.magic with permission from the author.

With best You.

RB> was on the Dolmens near Gelendzhik,have heard that you can get the RB> information and a lot more interesting,maybe someone will clarify the situation.

I mean, the situation. With obtaining information or with the technique of obtaining it while in the area of megalithic structures.

Will start with the second question, zavismosti the design of such facilities and as a consequence – their original purpose, in data areas can receive different information or (more often) it was possible to obtain this information until the moment when these soorujeniya different ways were damaged or destroyed, in other words – put out of action, as if it was about some of the modern devices.

As an example, consider the most trivial option – an annular design type Stonhedge in the UK, since this “device” in function universality, due to its precise astronomical reference (at the time, as a significant number of other structures of the megalithic period had a different purpose). the Main points for observation are the classic astronomical date. Abstracting from those rituals that took place there ancient, I should say only that to get information in places can only very well trained or adept group of novices under the leadership of such adept, having considerable personal experience of this kind of work. The basic scheme information is of a classical nature – deep meditation concentration on some object, in the case of the dolmens, such as the Sun, the moon, a particular star, etc. while on the other megalithic constructions it can be any of the elements or a combination of them, a certain essence, again natural or linked to it, or character. in short, enough. Of course, the start of the event must be such that the activity of this or that object on which you plan to concentrate, was the highest JY facilitate contact with him and opportunities of establishing a sustainable energy-information exchange (in some cases used the opposite technique, when you select the time of least activity of the object, or partially regressive or progressive activity, in particular such aspects good at carrying out combinatorial meditation, when in the interaction diagram includes several objects). The location and orientation of the adept also depends on which object he’s talking to, what his personal goal, etc. within the structure of the observation, which he produces himself for their needs. In the latter they also create special contours and shapes, which will be his observation, as if being in meditation, he consistently passed from circuit to circuit, moving within the structure he has developed. Depending on the level of the adept and his experience, such figures can be of different nature, which must also take into account the individuality of the practitioner, as well as his personal astrological characteristics. And accordingly, and the result he will get, may seriously differ from the results can be masked by others due to his inexperience, errors in the “formula” or a “personal rejection” or another object of one or another of the contactee. Accordingly, any communication is carried out on the information level in the absence of full compliance with astral patterns of the contacter and the contactee, except the so-called people-conductors, fully “under control”, say, some odni specific element.


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