Megalithic megalomania

In Mountain Shoria, thoroughly mastered miners, loggers, geologists, hunters and fishermen, tourists and long ago living here by Shors, find some cyclopean structures, similar to artificial.

Modern people who have mastered computers, and orientation in space by satellites, you still want fairy tales. And so they found in their backyard — not far from the ski resort Sheregesh. And the circles went all along the great Rus…

Little earlier found the Yeti. Willing to believe in him, albeit with a grin in the soul. I enjoyed reading sent via iPhone message Siberians. Approved as good publicity — why the Loch ness monster, but we can’t?

But with a new finding of confusion, because it’s not quite Mountain Shoria, and much more. In the newspaper “Kuzbas” it is written that “megalithic structures” within a radius of 100 kilometers away from Mezhdurechensk. Where exactly, is not specified. It can be podnebesnye zubja, and the spurs of the Kuznetsk Alatau with numerous outcrops, and Mountain Shoria in full, from Tom to Condoms.

About outcrops. On any topographic map, outcrops of solid rock protruding from the elderly of our mountains, certainly marked. At us in Kuzbas all isogene and izlojeno. No slides, tracts or brook. There is nothing striking attention so dramatically. But a lot of interesting and wonderful nature is the best science fiction and a visionary. People with imagination can naooborot anything. Including the construction of extraterrestrial civilizations.

What on photos with Rafiah, like very much. In Yakut “islahi”. On Krasnoyarsk Columns. The Chests of the mountains in Khakassia, in which every suspect, for example, ancient Observatory or, in extreme cases, a place of worship. On “Spassky palaces” under the Tashtagol is also similar. And on rock masses at podnebesnye zubja.

But I want to outshine Baalbek and Stonehenge. Therefore one says that it was built by aliens from outer space in a time when there were no people. Another claims something more Patriotic, saying that it built the “great Rus”. And the third brings everything under “geological database”, saying that granite is it can’t crack.

Last I would like to refute boring quotes from the textbook “Structural Geology” Gleb Dmitrievich Agiria, which was released in 1956 the publishing house of Moscow state University.

There are a lot of smart details. I’d like to highlight the concept of “tectonic fractures” and “tectonic processes” that “are expressed predominantly in vigibase and breaks cover of sedimentary rocks under the influence of radially directed forces or torsion caused by a vertically directed movements of blocks of the crystalline basement, buried under sedimentary rocks”.

You can guess that over time sedimentary rocks are carried by rain and wind and rise in the old mountains of solid outcrops.

Why are they so beautiful and right? There are reasons: “in General, the statistically identified four systems of two orthogonal fracture… (Orthos-straight, Gonio — angle) system — latitudinal and meridional and diagonal two systems — the North-East and North-West. Such an accuracy in orientation of fracture systems… directly related to the rotation of the Earth around its axis and the deformations that need to experience the earth’s crust as the upper shell of the rotating planet. The permanency plan of the location of the cracks on the platforms in rocks of different ages is an important indication of the unchanged position of the poles of the Earth during geological history.”

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