Gothic style in the interior

The Gothic style in the interior.

Gothic – style art in history, which dominated in art throughout Western Europe in the 13th-15th centuries of our era. In those days, the Goths, the Romans called the tribes of barbarians that invaded the state from the Northern border of the Empire in the 3-5 centuries ad. The term “Gothic” appeared in the era of the Italian Renaissance as an ironic name for a primitive and barbaric culture, leaving the past in the middle ages. Originally the term was applied exclusively to literature, but, over time, came to be applied in architecture and other arts of the time. Gothic is a kind of crown culture of the middle ages. The characteristic of vivid colors, the radiance of stained glass, gilding, exaggerated expression, long, looking to the heavens needle spires, as well as an abundance stone, glass and natural light.

The most important source of the formation of Gothic art was the unprecedented conjunction of the traditional culture of antiquity, the Christian worldview of the time, portrait miniatures, Celtic crafts, and Latin scripts. One of the main features of this style is the perfection of form, which demonstrates dematerialization, mystical expression at the highest point and, of course, was incredible. In the appearance of buildings in this style it was possible to notice the release cluttered earlier walls, which gave the opportunity to make major window openings. This contributed to a major leap in the development of stained glass art at the peak of popularity of the Gothic style in art and interior design in particular.

Modern interiors in the Gothic style, characterized by elegance and grandeur. Walls no longer serve only a utilitarian function and become much softer, faced with wood, decorated with colorful paintings, tapestries and other decorations. Floors, in turn, are made up carpets. Characteristic of early Gothic period are the carved stone, pointed arches and filigree ornamentation. Above the entrance to the room is usually installed stained glass the rose window of the huge sizes. Ceilings consisted of a beam structure with exposed rafters, also decorated with carvings.

As for furniture, it is typical of this style can be called a very high double cabinets with lots of panels and big buffets on high wooden legs, carved high backs of beds and chairs that mimicked the details in the architecture of churches and castles.

Age of the dawn of the Gothic style is a time of active development of portrait miniatures, and easel painting. Typical of the Gothic style in the interior are hidden in the Guild crafts: carving on wood and stone, ceramics, glass, metal objects and small sculptures made of ivory.

Play Gothic interior style in modern conditions will not be easy. Its elements are usually used for designing a design country house. Should pay attention to the Lancet stained-glass Windows and wrought-iron spiral staircase. In the center of the room is best to install a tile stove or fireplace is richly decorated.

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