Gothic style

And Gothic style is beautiful, people have a tendency to beauty, so may not survive, I think, will see in our lifetime new cathedrals, albeit in a modern interpretation, but it’s all changing.

B. Niger, there are now many clubs of reconstruction (and I used a rave in one of them), inhabited by men who are really interested in all kinds of chainmail, armour, swords and generally the culture of that time. they all learn, and sometimes arrange games.

Really is a real opportunity for some time, almost back to that age, those mores. Of course, all this is only a weak reflection of past reality, but still.

However, now people seem to imagine those times, as the ideal.

Many regret that were not born in that time.

But then too there were problems, some serious.

Not so long ago had a conversation with one man who was postaralsya France (and particularly Paris) Queen Margot (Yes, the TV often has a great impact on modern people).

So beautiful people dressed and what they had luxurious quarters, what manners, what intrigues.

And really, all it is beautiful.

Well imagine a bedroom where the Wallpaper made of silk (or similar material, I do not remember exactly when there was silk), silk sheets, pillow.

Only few people know what it’s all about.

And the cruel reality the walls were upholstered with silk because it is smooth material, and it is hard to crawl fleas, lice and other vile creatures that did not give life to the ruling family.

And perfume famous French perfume was invented only in order to repulse the fetid smell of unwashed bodies, because in those days there were obezzarajivatei the water, which washed very rarely. Morning restroom the kings came down to the fact that they wet the two forefingers in the water and rubbed her eyes. that’s all.

And such interesting details to tell about each of the centuries past.

However, the romance and charm of those times is not going anywhere. they beckon adventures and exploits. and it is wonderful.

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