Gothic romance

Gothic romance

Gothic novel ( Gothic romance )

Book series. Publisher: Ladomir.

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In the early NINETEENTH century the term Gothic novel has become the literary genre of the romantic era — the literature of mysticism, mystery and horror (such works are often set in Gothic castles or monasteries).

Works written in the genre of the most interesting areas of English literature of the late EIGHTEENTH and early NINETEENTH centuries the Legendary “Frankenstein” is a true gem of British Gothic. Lush, quaint and luxurious “Castle of Otranto”, with its true Baroque literary excesses – and cold-sharpened “the Abbey of nightmares”, which actually came out of modern “horror novel”.

Ghosts and demons, hellhounds – and much more terrible offspring of the human soul, obsessed by the thirst of Darkness. British Gothic novel in all its tragic splendor.

In the 1980s, the term Gothic has been used to refer to emerged at this time music genre ( Gothic rock ), and then formed around it subculture ( Gothic subculture ).

The word comes from Italian. Gothic is unusual and barbaric — ( Goten barbarians); the historical Goths, this style has nothing to do, and was initially used as a swear word.

For the first time the notion in the modern sense used by Giorgio Vasari in order to separate the Renaissance from the middle Ages. Gothic completed the development of European medieval art, which arose on the basis of the achievements of Roman culture and the Renaissance (Renaissance) art of the middle Ages were considered barbaric.

Gothic art was a cult on purpose and religious topics. It appealed to higher forces of the divine, of eternity, of the Christian worldview. There are early, Mature and late Gothic.

Gothic novel (Engl. Gothic novel ) is a work based on the pleasant feeling of horror reader, black romantic novel in prose with elements of supernatural horror. mysterious adventure, fantasy and mysticism (the family curse and ghosts). Originally developed mainly in the English language literature. Got the name from the Gothic architectural style, as the action novels often takes place in the old Gothic castle.

In the period from 1765 to 1850 years, the Gothic novel was the most widely read book and print production in the UK and in Europe.

There were different opinions about what constitutes a Gothic novel. Nathan Drake, the editor of the journal of Literary leisure. defined the Gothic genre:

nothing acts so powerfully on man, as Gothic. even the most insensitive brain, the mind, free from any trace of superstition, involuntarily acknowledges its power and strength.

The British critic Theodore Watts-Dunton called the wonderful Gothic Renaissance in English literature. But there were also opposite opinions: Yale University Professor William Lyon Phelps in his work the Beginning of English romanticism was considered Gothic as a synonym for barbaric, chaotic and tasteless .

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