Famous Gothic buildings

This Church was built for Maria Feodorovna, who recently moved from Denmark and buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral. She was a Protestant, so for her to built a building of an Orthodox temple in the style that she was familiar from childhood. It was visited only by the Royal family. Upon returning to our country, the body of the Empress was transported first to this Church, where it was the day, and then transferred to the Peter and Paul fortress. Service today, there are infrequently, about four times a year. Rest of the time, the temple serves as a Museum.

The Lutheran Church of St. Michael

The Evangelical Lutheran St. Michael’s Cathedral is a Church in St. Petersburg. who knows the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria. It is located on Middle Avenue Vasilevsky island, where during the reign of Tsar Peter I settled the Germans that came to his service. In this place was going to make the center of St. Petersburg.

In 1731 there was a cadet corps, and in one of the areas it has established a separate community for the children of Lutherans. Three years later it was consecrated and called by the name of Archangel Michael.

When Emperor Nicholas I the Church was moved to a building leased from private owners. But by order of the king the money that was charged for hiring from the community, reimburses Treasury. The Lutheran community was then divided into German and Estonian. Last visited the Church of St. John. About a couple thousand German parishioners began to gather at the home of Mrs. Thiblin on the 3rd line. In August 1942 there was consecrated a Church in honor of St. Michael the Archangel. The building was of small size and could not accommodate all who wanted to stand up in the service. Therefore, when the work was completed to reconstruct the cadet corps, a Lutheran Church again located there, and in November 1847 it was consecrated.

Both the Church of Vasilievsky island one coming up to 1860-ies. Later, as the Church of the cadet corps received a permit, was created in her own parish – Church of St. Michael on the Cadet line. At the same time, believers began to raise funds to build a new Church on the territory of Vasilievsky island. Its construction began in the Middle Avenue in October 1874, and the consecration was held two years later, in December.

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