Famous buildings and structures

Famous buildings and constructions – Sydney Opera house

Opera house, harbour and harbour bridge (harbour bridge) in Sydney are a picture of harmonious unity. Sails in the harbour inspired the architect to create a roof. Today the Opera house ahead of a rank of the Harbor bridge and became the new symbol of the city.

In the competition of architects for the construction of a new Opera, announced in 1954 in Sydney, was attended by 233 specialists from 32 countries. The winner was then unknown Dane named the Utzon Org. Like many other participants, he had never seen and knew only from photos gratiam the place was to build the Opera house. Working on the sketch, it was inspired by the sails of yachts in Sydney harbour and is partly temple buildings of the Maya and Aztec people in Mexico.

To realize the idea of Utzon was very difficult, but, on the other hand, it differed sharply from the others, was interesting and exciting. As the project itself and the cost of its implementation has caused a heated debate and fuel to the fire of passion in residents of Sydney. The construction cost of $ 7 million was supposed to be over by 1963. In fact, it lasted for ten years longer, and required expenditures of $ 100 million. Most of these money managed to get through the lottery.

The project had to carry out, constantly overcoming a raging torrent of indignation, constantly defending himself from the attacks. In 1966, after all of the technical, political and financial failures, Utzon in complete disarray from the cases pulled away. It turned out that the big concrete sails – elliptic paraboloids, as they were called in architectural parlance, – it is impossible to construct as it was initially expected, and the entire project has to be redone. Many hours of computer calculations needed in order to finally resolve all technical problems. The final version of this building – not only the triumph of the project Utzon, but also the triumph of the technological thought of the four Australian architects who have implemented his idea.

The official opening was held on 20 October 1973 in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II. Many have argued that Opera – the most beautiful building that ever was built after the second world war, and some say that is the most beautiful building in the world. It is best to admire them from the ship, from the harbour. Then it looks like a giant white Swan, who’s about to take off. At night, bathed in light, he attains all its beauty.

The Opera house stands in the harbour on Bennelong point. This place is named after an Australian aborigine, a friend of the first Governor of the colony. Once there was a Fort, then tram depot. The building occupies an area of 2.2 hectares, the sails of the roof weigh 161 000 tonnes and reach a height of 67 meters. The sails are lined with Swedish tiles, glittering in the sun.

Inner space is made in the style called ‘Gothic space age’. In this building, hangs the world’s largest stage curtain. A sketch of the Aussie Coburn it was woven in France in wool in the style of the Aubusson rugs. Cockburn calls his work ‘the Curtain is the sun and the moon’ because we used to sketch these motifs. Each of the two halves is equal to 93 m2. The organ in the concert hall is the largest mechanical organ in the world, he has 10,500 pipes. In total there are five halls for different performances, cinema and two restaurants. Opera room has a capacity of 1550 spectators, a concert for 2700. In the same building represent Symphony orchestra, Philharmonic choir and the Sydney theatre.

‘Clothes hanger’

Not far from the Opera – harbour bridge, before he was a symbol of Sydney. This functionality’

‘obayatelnaya, charming steel construction gray in color, which inhabitants of Sydney are called the ‘clothes hanger’. Arch bridge combines power and elegance. The project was developed by Australian railway engineer originally from Senddata, Queensland, named John Jobe KRU brad field. May 19, 1932, when the bridge was put motion, and it was his finest hour. The road across the bridge bears his name – Bradfield highway (Bradfield Highway). On the bridge is the railway line. From the first days of the history of Sydney city needed a bridge across the harbour, went into the underwater tunnel. According to the project of Bradfield bridge was built from 1923 to 1932. It was a time of economic decline, and because the bridge is painted in gray color. so it was cheaper. The total length of the bridge -1150 meters, and the distance between the arched girders is 503 meters. The highest point of the bridge is at a distance of 135 meters from the water. With a pedestrian walkway on its Eastern side and offers wonderful views of the bustling port and the city.

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