Conservatory named after Sobinov

Temple of art in the southern Gothic style

One of the main architectural pride of Saratov. The ancient Gothic castle – is quite understandable in the environment of the capital of the Volga-Germans. However, the Gothic building of this great University is much younger than the style in which it is performed, which, however, does not reduce neither its beauty nor grandeur.

Saratov Imperial Russian musical society, Moscow Conservatory began its official existence in 1912 is named in honor of crown Prince Alexei, the third Conservatory in Russia. It will not only third, but also one of the strongest in the country. In 1918, the Conservatory was nationalized, will be called “state”, and in 1935 was given the name of a famous singer Leonid Sobinov, the largest representative of classical Russian vocal school, performing in these walls.

This building was built ten years before formation of the Conservatoire in 1902 (architect A. Y. Ahn). First, there was the music school. In fact, the school of music and was not abolished: after all, this level of education before Conservatory – to the previous one, as without it? The school remained in place, and is still renowned as the leading musical talents. But the same building 1912 before the opening of the Conservatory survived the reconstruction (architect Kallistratov S. A.) and began to look like now.

Here took place a variety of milestone events: from concerts rare guests (artists from around the world) to political incidents. Here was made by L. V. Sobinov and Shalyapin, and in the early education of the Conservatory was none other than the great composer Sergei Rachmaninoff. So, here in Saratov learned about the proclamation of Soviet power in Saratov. It happened on October 26 1917, as evidenced by a plaque on the facade.

St. Petersburg young, who built the house for the musicians, no idea what the flow of criticism will fall in his direction. The College building is mainly compared with grain Elevator. City Council, tired of such attacks, has announced a competition to design the new building. The results of his famous S. A. Kallistratov educated in Switzerland pronamachs, strong and, as would be said in our time, creative, showed remarkable ingenuity when participating in the contest and as a result has given the city a building in the southern-Gothic style. He thus created the architectural ensemble of the Conservatory, the Catholic Cathedral and the Lutheran Church, also built in the Gothic style and is located close by.

The architect’s plan, a La medieval Gothic castle: same height towers with pointed roofs, the ridge lattice, finials and weathervanes, colorful Windows, multiple Bay Windows, old balconies of the original building, reconstructed in a new building, Gothic style. The facade of the Conservatory antiquity, which certainly enhances the monumentality of the study the eternal science: music theory, instrumental performance and other music and not just disciplines.

By the way, about the study. From creative units in a modern Conservatory there is a technical Department with recording Studio and record library, children music school, instrumental Department, concert management and even theatre Institute.

For anybody not a secret, when even in Moscow the budget of cultural institutions and universities, to put it mildly, rather weak, outside Moscow, people work “for love”, not for money… But the Conservatory, which is not so easy in modern conditions, continues to be one of the best musical universities in the country and its environs.

Conservatory named after Sobinov
Temple of art in the southern Gothic style One of the main architectural pride of Saratov. The ancient Gothic castle – is quite understandable in the environment of the capital…

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