Attractions Palma de Mallorca

Attractions Palma de Mallorca

The Cathedral is an unrivalled specimen of the Gothic of the middle Ages Mediterranean countries. Over its design worked over 300 years many generations of the best sculptors and architects in Spain – the erection of the temple started in the 13th century (1230-ohms). Reconstruction of the building was carried out almost to the middle of the 19th century.

Castle of Bellver is the only circular Gothic structure. Stands on a high hill with a magnificent view of the Bay and the city. Over the years he has been a prison, a home for royalty, the Museum. Now it contains archaeological artifacts and medieval furniture and paintings. Has several towers arranged them on observation decks for views.

The Palace of the Almudaina is one of the oldest buildings-residences of the kings of Majorca, which during the reign of the Moors was converted into the Alcazar (Arab fortress). At this time, the Palace is a summer resort for the Royal family of Spain. However, he is not closed to unauthorized access as and Museum, so there are public tours. The time of the erection of the Palace – 13th century.

Building Sa Loja – example of Gothic architecture. Previously, it housed the administration of the local Merchant Association and conducted trade deals (there were stock exchange). But now this curious exhibition sites, which seem to oppose its Cathedral no less splendor – Windows with balconies and 4 serrated 8-coal towers.

The structure of the Municipal Council building, in the style of Mallorcan Baroque. Also known as the Court (in translation means “yard”). Stands on the site of the hospital. A more modern structure dates back to the 16-17 centuries. Distinctive design feature is an unusual façade. At the moment to visit open only a space of urban services.

The Church of St. Eulalia is one of the first Christian Church built in Palma de Mallorca. Is a splendid masterpiece of the Catalan Gothic. Located on the square, located behind the building of the Municipal Council.

St Francis Church – a classic Gothic structure. Built in the 14th century. The front side was rebuilt in the late 18th century. Has 8-coal chapel with decoration in the Baroque and Renaissance. In one of the chapels is the sarcophagus Raymond into Lully (15th century).

Marine Consulate – Consolat de Mar was built near Sa Lodge. Dating from the 17 century. Has a superb art gallery in the Renaissance style. Initially there was a court of Arbitration, which dealt with the problems of Maritime trade. In our days there is the residence of the authorities of the Autonomous region. On the façade of the building placed arches made in the Renaissance.

Vacation in Palma de Mallorca

First of all, Palma de Mallorca is a great holiday destination with a magnificent beach – Playa de Palma . It stretches for 7 kilometres distance and rests in El Arenal (El Arenal). Along some beaches built concrete structures that are nothing more than a reminder of the Spanish civil war, presenting a sort of bunker (fortified gun emplacements).

El Arenal and Las Maravillas – quarters, where an interesting and colorful time. There are a large number of restaurants, bars, hotels and other establishments, which are located in a pretty good architectural buildings. Throughout artificial beach motorway.

In Palma de Mallorca every year it hosts international competitions in Golf. attracting players from around the world. Due to the unique landscape, perfectly suited for this kind of sport and leisure in one, there not that stretch of a Golf course, and the whole field, guaranteeing a spectacular game. The contrast of the reliefs of the terrain and picturesque coastline were given the opportunity to have this small piece of land 16 unique Golf courses.

In addition, in Palma de Mallorca in the period from July to September held the corrida. Tournaments are held in the Square of bulls, which was built in the beginning of the century.

Also, there is frequent in Palma de Mallorca carnivals and folk festivals. The most interesting of them – the liberation of the city from its capture by Muslims. It falls at the end of the year is on December 31. Then appears a considerable number of theatrical scenes and played a large number of views that are not far from the Cathedral and the churches of the city.

But the best Palma de Mallorca holiday shoppers and modern urban entertainment. The town has many cafes, bars, Nightclubs, excellent restaurants and casinos. It focused and branded shops like Mango and Zara.

Often the island Palma de Mallorca and is visited by music fans as the city hosts various festivals, including international coverage (e.g., song festival Song of the Mediterranean). There are frequent concerts of pop and classical music, and the hall “Auditorio” is recognized as one of the best European music sites.

Hotels Palma de Mallorca

Due to the fact that the island and the city of Palma de Mallorca become centers of recreation and tourism, there is a large emphasis on the hotels – to their level, maintenance, furnishings, comfort and so on. Some of the most popular among visitors:

Alejandira (three stars, is situated within the Playa de Palma has a restaurant, swimming pool, 2 bars);

Nixe Palace hotel (five star, is located almost in the centre of Palma; has direct access to the beach; there are 5 Golf courses; at the guests ‘ disposal café, bar, restaurant, shopping center, video store, etc.);

Hispania (apartment on the front line of the famous Playa de Palma, this hotel offers 2 bars, restaurant, TV salon, terrace for sunbathing; designed for families with children);

Palacio Ca Sa Galesa (five stars, is situated in the historic centre of the town; has a small number of rooms from standard to luxury class, a heated pool, sauna, gym, Solarium, bar, cafe, etc.);

The St. Regis Mardavall (five stars placed on the second line of the beach; the hotel has a hair salon, medical centre, currency exchange, car Parking, shops, restaurants, bars, etc.);

UR Mision de San Miguel Boutique hotel (four stars, is located in Central Palma de Mallorca, where there are many attractions; has a restaurant, a car rental and Bicycle rental, currency exchange, etc.).

Weather in Palma de Mallorca

Summer vacation on Palma de Mallorca guarantees great weather, since there is an average of 300 Sunny days a year. Winters are mild, gentle, perfectly in a position to golfing, preventing summer heat, but do not have the usual winter cold. That the island’s climate is dramatically different from the continental, which prevails throughout Spain.


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